Anguilla Island is a scenic beach spot is a favorite for relaxing on some of the Caribbean’s whitest sands while enjoying some of the Caribbean’s bluest waters.

Capital: The Valley

Population: 14731 (Revised in 2019)

Area: 91 km2 (35 sq mi)

Country: United Kingdom


Carnival: Anguilla’s Carnival is on the first Monday of August every year

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar/ USD

Language: English, Spanish

Side of Street  Drive-On: Drives on the left side of the road

History :

Anguilla’s official history began about 4,000 years ago when the Taino people first arrived from South America. In 1666, Anguilla remained British territory


For Covid-19 updates

Anguilla Island as of March 2021, has only 3 Covid-19 positive cases so far. Therefore it’s considered to be a low-risk zone by CDC as travel safe country to visit.

For travel Check-ins: 

  • Following application form to be filled before traveling
  •  Entry to Anguilla is from the following countries therefore you must complete all necessary entry forms for transit countries. The links are as follows:
  1. Saint Maarten:
  2. Antigua: Click here
  3. Kitts and Nevis:
  4. US Virgin Islands:

 Applicants who will be on the island beyond their 10–14 days Quarantine Period and who are transiting via St. Maarten for their return travel – will be required to complete another online EHAS (electronic health authorization system).

For more updates on Covid-19 regulations please visit here the official island website of Anguilla


Places to Stay In Anguilla

Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla

Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collections

Belmond Cap Juluca

Getting There to Anguilla

Airport: Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport

Airlines flying Trans Anguilla Airways, Anguilla Air Services, etc

The best way to travel to Anguilla from the east coast of the US and Canada, and from the Central American hub, Panama City.

By Sea: Anguilla can be reached through Cruise, Boats of Ferries from St.Marteen, Kitts & Nevis, US Virgin Islands, and Antigua