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Unique scenery at Bonaire salt flats

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Entertainment or Unique Tours: 

Washington Slagbaai National Park


The Washington Slagbaai National Park is located in the northern end of Bonaire. It comprises two former land plantations, Washington & Slagbaai, which once supplied salt, charcoal, aloe extract, divi-divi pods, and goats for export to Curaçao and Europe.


The Washington National Park was initially founded in 1969 as the first Nature Sanctuary of the Netherlands Antilles. Ten years later, the Slagbaai land plantation was negotiated and added thereby creating the Washington Slagbaai National Park”



Variety of speciality stores, gift shops, jewelry stores and malls located along Kaya Grandi, downtown Kralendijk



The people of Bonaire hail from many ethnic and racial influences inclusive of persons from African, Indian, Asian and European descent. They observe many traditions and holidays from various countries.


This is especially seen in their music which is a blend of tribal beats utilising a mix of modern instruments and their traditional farming tools.

Lime & Dine:

National dish: Stoba kabritu, a goat stew



The shores of Bonaire are graced with sandy and rocky beaches alike, including Atlantis Beach, Flamingo Beach, Pink Beach and Boka Kokolishi. However, none is quite as unique as 1000 Step Beach.


With white sands and bleached bits of coral, the semi-hidden beach is any beach-goer's dream. There are 67 historic steps (not 1000!) that lead down to the sand and water. Once at the ground level, you can enjoy the pristine snorkeling conditions, admire the surrounding limestone cliffs, and delight in the wildlife.


Water Activities:

Indulge in several water sports on the island's coast including snorkeling, fishing, diving and sailing.


Coral Reefs

Bonaire is known as the shore diving capital of the Caribbean.

Explore the island’s many coral reefs with one of the many certified diving operators.


Geologically, Bonaire is a unique island. Rather than being the remnants of a volcanic explosion, or the tops of underwater mountains, the entire island is made up of coral reefs. Surrounding the island are even more coral reefs.

Bonaire has a narrow fringing reef, starting practically at the shoreline, that extends to a maximum of 200 feet (60m) depth. in fact, the entire coastline of Bonaire has been declared a marine sanctuary as part of the Bonaire National Marine Park

TRAVEL NEWS: Bonaire Welcomes Additional Flights From Amsterdam KLM. Between December 15th, 2021 - January 14th, 2022 KLM has scheduled 15 extra flights from Amsterdam to Bonaire with a B772 aircraft.

Car Rentals: 

Many options available. Most agencies do have a minimum age requirement of 23-25 years. The speed limit is 60 kilometers per hour outside urban areas and 40 kilometers per hour inside urban areas.

Bike & Scooter Rentals: 

Many options available


You can reach a taxi by calling: +599 717 8100

Water taxis are available to visit Klein Bonaire. You can contact Caribe Water Taxi or Epic Water Taxi for more information and departure times

Public Transportation:



Relatively friendly destination for travelers with disabilities.

Two passenger boarding ramps are available at the Bonaire International Airport and there is a wheelchair ramp at the cruise-ship terminal in Kralendijk.

Many resorts also offer facilities for persons with limited mobility.

Getting There:

When you decide to make your travel arrangements to Bonaire, be prepared for a lengthy trip. While the Flamingo International Airport does accept international and regional flights, Bonaire is a relatively small island.

Each major carrier, such as United Airlines, Delta, and American Airlines, only offer one or two direct flights to Bonaire from key hub airports. Check out Bonaire’s tourism website for a full and updated list of these flight plans.

Several cruise lines offer itineraries that include Bonaire. However, one of the most popular is Royal Caribbean, which is featured on many of their Southern Caribbean cruise itineraries.







US Dollar


Roman, Catholic, Protestant.


Dutch, Papiamento.


Just off the coast of Venezuela, this southern Caribbean gem welcomes visitors to its sunny shores. A municipality of the Netherlands, Bonaire has been under Dutch protection since 1636, after winning a war against the Spanish. However, Spanish was still the predominantly spoken language until the late 1800s. With a unique history and cultural tapestry, the island of Bonaire in the Leeward Antilles is a wonderful destination to see a different side of the Caribbean.


History lovers should head to Bonaire Museum. With preserved tools from pre-colonial times, colonial artifacts, and some natural artifacts like coral and fossils. The building of the museum is also a historic site, dating back to 1885!

For those who want to learn more, the Terramar Museum showcases exhibits that focus on specific periods of Bonaire’s history, such as shipbuilding, colonial agriculture, or the native populations. The museum also hosts rotating exhibits, so who knows what you might learn!

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