Caribbean top 5 destinations for eco vacations

Holiday-makers usually associate Caribbean islands with azure blue sea, fine sand and lush greenery. Other travelers consider the Caribbean region more than a beach opportunity.

By combining the health benefits with the emotional benefits of being close to nature, those people enjoy the adventure of the so called eco vacations, during which they buy locally produced food and invest in the local businesses.

Some of the Caribbean islands are greener than others, yet St. Barth’s, Turks and Caicos, the Cayman Islands, as well as St. John and Anguilla make some of the finest eco vacations in the area.

Dominica is often named as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Bonaire is known for its marine environment, while Belize and Costa Rica have the top eco-friendly travel locals.

The selected top five Caribbean eco paths have low impact integration with the native environment, reduced energy use or renewable energy, and other activities that support the local ecosystem.