Capital: Havana

Population: 11.34 million

Religion: Christian, mostly Roman Catholicism

Currency: Cuban peso

Language: Spanish with Castilian influences including Haitian Creole.

Side of Street  Drive-On: Cuba has fairly good roads with most of them being wide and you and your car have to stay on the right side of the road.

Carnival: 1. Habano Cigar Festival 2022: If you have ever watched any good action movie, then you know a thing about Cuban cigars. Well this festival is a celebration of Cuba’s most beloved and world-famous product. From February 19 – February 26, Havana lights up to bring from all the four corners of the world people with a refined taste of their most classic product. You will get a chance to enjoy tours, meet some 1500 producers, distributors and businessmen. And you might even get a chance to meet some of your favourite celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2. The Santiago De Cuba Carnival 2021:
All year round, Cubans prepare for their largest and most beloved festival. Working on costumes, assembling floats and dusting off their dancing shoes. And on the 18 Jul – 27 Jul 2021, everyone takes to the streets to show off their best. This carnival is all about music and dance. The native sounds of Cuba fill the air. This is the most culturally rewarding experience in Cuba and you wouldn’t want to miss it.

3. Havana Art Biennial 2021
Welcome to the 14th annual art fair. Held on April 17 – 24 2021, this is sure to be an infusion of art and culture. You will have the pleasure to look, learn and of course a chance to be amazed. You can expect contemporary art trends as the city celebrates 501 years of its foundation. There will be pieces from 20 Cuban artists along with pieces from artists stationed in 20 countries, which include Spain, France, Mexico and Peru. For more info visit here


“Cuban History in a snap:
About 1492 to 1898 – at this time a group of the Aboriginal- the Guanahatabey, Ciboney and Taino were the inhabitants of Cuban. Upon the arrival of the Spaniards with Christopher Columbus, this group was wiped out due to disease and elimination. The country however became a neglected stopping port for Spanish fleet that visited the New World and returned to Spain with minerals from continental America.
When Haiti collapsed as a sugar producing island, Cuba rose to the challenge and saw a boom of African slaves, who were bought in ships to work the sugar fields. This drew back Spain’s attention to the island.
In the late 1800s:
Cuba went to war for its independence thrice. First in the Ten Years’ War, then came the Small War ending off with Cuban War of Independence in 1895 to 1898. And in the last three months escalated to the Spanish-American War.
In 1902:
For three years, Cuba was occupied by Americans, but gained its independence as an American protectorate.
During the 1902 – 1959:
The time of Dictator Fulgencio Batista among many other rulers set over Cuba by the United States to protect the economic activities in the island, including their gambling operations run by the mafia.
From 1959 to the Present:
On the 1st of January 1959, Cuba saw a rise of the charismatic, anti-US revolutionary, Fidel Castro. Castro successfully overthrew the dictatorship of Batista. With his rise, Castro brought an end to major American power on the island, nationalizing American companies and encouraging other Latin American countries to do the same.
Displeased the American administration under John F. Kennedy through the CIA, approved an invasion of Cuba by trained Cuban exiles “Bay of Pigs Invasion”. This operation and many others orchestrated by the American government “


Places to Stay

Paradisus Princesa Del Mar Resort & Spa:

This is an adult only all-inclusive resort at a beachfront location. Paradisus offers a relaxed and luxurious atmosphere and sophisticated rooms with balconies and minibars. The Royal Service Wing offers an upper-tier service including free Wi-Fi, jetted tubs and butler services. All the 798 rooms have either an ocean view or a pool view. Furnished with tennis courts, live entertainment areas, seven restaurants and a cigar bar, you holiday in Cuba will be memorable.

Saratoga Hotel:

If you are seeking a good place to spend your holiday and absolute respect of privacy, then look no further than Hotel Saratoga. Now unlike most island hotels, this prestigious hotel understands and prides itself in discretion. The walls tell the story of the hotel’s history and come with extras like free Wi-Fi for all the rooms. Here you wouldn’t find non-guests in the rooftop pool with great city views. A stay at the Hotel Saratoga is just a walk from old Havana attractions. The hotel is not your typical Cuban hotel, but a definite if you seek discretion and a quiet visit to this beautiful island.

Paradisus Varadero Resort & Spa:

Now this is a family-friendly resort well worth visiting. A large ocean-view pool, a beautiful lobby and some white-sand beach, this resort is a Cuban dream. Rooms are furnished with a stocked minibar and still carry a traditional factor. Paradisus Varadero is fairly big so you might find yourself waiting on golf carts to move about the estate. But with a spa service dubbed among the best in the area, you will be well taken care of.

Getting There

With 10 international airports, flying to Cuba is a breeze. No matter where your point of origin is, you will easily find a reasonable flight to this culturally rich island. You can easily fly from any large city in the United States, the Caribbean, Europe, South America even Asia to land on this beautiful island.

As you explore your options, you can enjoy an inclusive cruise experience to Cuba. You will be able to explore a variety of ports around the Cuban coasts and get to enjoy all that this island has to offer.