Curacao is a long, arid, and generally flat island, stretching some 40 miles (64 km) from southeast to northwest. The island is about 10 miles (16 km) at it’s widest point, and the area is about 180 square miles (472 square km), making it the largest island in the Dutch Caribbean Islands group. With its delightful Dutch colonial architecture, bustling commercial capital and excellent history museums, Curaçao feels like a little piece of Europe on the edge of the Caribbean. That is, a little piece of Europe with glorious hidden beaches, amazing onshore snorkeling and diving, and a wild undeveloped windward coast. Curaçao has a surging economy beyond tourism, which means that Willemstad has factories, humdrum neighborhoods and sometimes bad traffic. But if you’re looking for a Caribbean island that is busy setting its own pace, Curaçao is for you.


A trip to Curacao would be amiss without a day spent on Mambo Beach. This fun beach with its turquoise blue waters and warm, sugar-white sand is just a short drive south of the capital Willemstad. You can rent chairs, a cabana, and enjoy a variety of shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. It’s a great beach destination if you’re looking for something in the middle of it all.

For those who want to explore the towns, head to the Punda neighborhood of Willemstad. You’ll get to stroll around the Dutch colonial architecture with its brightly painted walls, be near the water, and pop in and out of local restaurants and shops. You just might find that perfect souvenir to take home!


Curacao is home to arguably the best nightlife in the Dutch Caribbean Islands group. The weekends are never ending as bars and dance clubs come to life and welcome all who appear at their doorstep. You’ll get to mingle with locals, indulge in the atmosphere of fun, and make memories to last.

If you plan to retreat to Curacao to escape the winter blues, line up your travels with Curacao’s Carnival in February. Carnival takes over the island with parties, events, and parades that truly showcase how bright and vibrant the island really is. And if you plan to travel in September before going back to school, chances are your travels will line up perfectly with the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival. You’ll get to enjoy the sultry notes as you dance the night away.


You will have no problem getting a flight to Curacao because the country is home to the longest runway in the entire Caribbean! Hato International Airport, the international airport of Curacao, is able to accept anything from a small pedalhopper all the way up to a luxury jumbo jet. With flights coming from major cities in Canada, the southern United States, Europe, South America, and other airports in the Caribbean, you will have no difficulty making your journey to Curacao by air.

If you’d rather journey to Curacao aboard a cruise ship, you can embark from several major ports in the United States and Europe. With two docking ports available for cruise ships in Willemstad, the capital, you’ll be able to explore the fun and vibrant city with ease.


When you want to explore the truly unique island of Curacao, you will want to get your very own rental car to explore this beautiful Caribbean gem. The bus system is limited and unless you know exactly where you’re going, the bus is likely not the best option. You can also opt to flag down a taxi as you’re out an about.


To experience a truly unique escape and the pristine beauty that is Curacao, head to the nearby island of Klein Curacao. This uninhabited island welcomes daily visitors to enjoy the remote shores in peace. There are several boat charters you can hop aboard to get to the island, but Breeze Boattrips offers one of the best experiences, including a couple of included meals.

Avian lovers will delight in the Flamingo Sanctuary located near Sint Willibrordus. The flamingos are in their natural habitat and you can view them from the shores as they enjoy grazing in the water. It’s recommended that you wear waterproof shoes, just incase!


Dr. Moises Frumencio da Costa Gomez: Dr. Gomez was the president of the first Governing Council of the Netherlands Antilles. He also founded the National People’s Party in Curacao, a progressive, yet faith-centered, political party. He fought most for suffrage for all.

For those who want to learn more about the history of this beautiful island nation, you can spend some time at The Curacao Museum. The museum focuses on the vast history of the island, dating from the indigenous populations to modern day, as well as the artistic culture of the island. Just because the island is small, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a rich history.


For those who are looking to get a little bit closer to nature, you can sign up for a Standing Paddle Board Tour. You’ll get to travel through mangrove forests, travel along the shore, and even enjoy riding some smaller waves as you journey through the beauty of Curacao.

The adventurers out there who want to try something new should consider signing up with Aquafari Tour. These underwater tours equip you with a helmet linked to an oxygen supply and an underwater scooter to propel you around underwater. You won’t need a SCUBA certification to experience the beauty that comes with diving.


There is nothing more detrimental to a family than a child needing to stay in a hospital. Luckily enough, the Ronald McDonald House has opened a location in Curacao so that families can stay together. You can donate to their cause to help the healing process.

Capital: Willemstad

Population: 159,999

Language: Dutch, Papiamento, English

Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder

Religion: Roman Catholic

National Bird: Venezuelan Troupial

National Flower: Kibrahacha

National dish: Red Snapper, Keshi Yena

Motto: -“We have it all, it is just a matter of finding what you are looking for”

The National Flag:
the flag of Curacao is blue, with a yellow horizontal stripe slightly below the midline, and two white stars in the upper left corner. The blue symbolizes the sea and sky, and the yellow represents the sun. The two stars are for Curacao and Klein Curacao, but also stand for ‘Love and Happiness.’