For a sliver of natural beauty, head to Dominica in the remote southern region of the Caribbean. Geologically, Dominica is the youngest island in the Caribbean, and it is still growing and forming. This volcanically active drop of land in the sapphire ocean is a dynamic landscape that beckons adventurers. With hot springs, tropical forests, volcanoes, stunning beaches, and colorful cities, there is much to see. Separate from the rest of the world and hideaway on the island of Dominica. Exploration is waiting.


Boiling Lake, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Cabrits National Park, Dominica Botanical Gardens, Valley of Desolation, The Dominica Museum, Bois Cotlette Plantation, Roseau Cathedral, Waterfalls

Getting There

To get to the peaceful, yet dynamic, island of Dominica, be prepared for a journey. Dominica is home to two airports; however, the larger Douglas-Charles Airport caters to longer distance flights. There are no direct flights from most airport hubs to Dominica. So, your journey will likely begin at your local airport to one of the Caribbean’s larger hubs, such as Antigua, Barbados, or Puerto Rico. From there, you’ll likely hop aboard a LIAT Airlines flight to Dominica. LIAT has partnerships with many popular carriers, so your journey is likely to be a smooth one.

For those who would rather set sail and let someone else handle the idiosyncrasies of vacation planning, reserve a cabin on a cruise to Dominica. These itineraries are perfect for those looking to do some island hopping and explore the often-overlooked southern islands of the Caribbean. Kick back and relax as you soak in the Caribbean sun and enjoy the bright blue waters as they lap against the ship.

Getting Around

Thanks to Dominica’s proximity to other Caribbean islands, such as Martinique and St. Lucia, the local island ferry is a great way to schedule an overnight trip and see even more of the stunning Caribbean.

When staying on Dominica, you will want to get around and explore as much of the island as you can. There is a public bus system on the island that can take you through the various cities. There are also several local car rental companies where you can secure a car to explore the island at your own pace. You can learn more about these options at Dominica’s tourism website.


With Dominica’s dynamic landscape, there is lots to see and explore. With mountain hikes to conquer, hot springs to unwind in, and beaches to relax on, there is something for everybody. One such popular spot is Boiling Lake. While this hot spring is not for relaxation, it is a truly magnificent hike to get to and sight to see. The roughly three-hour hike through the forest will lead you to an overlook that stares down at the boiling volcanic lakes below.

Due to the island’s relatively small size, most of the wildlife is relatively small. With small wild pigs, cuddly looking agouti, and a wide variety of parrots, there’s plenty to see in the forests. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you just might spot a Sisserou parrot!

National Heroes/Museums

Cecil Rawle – (1891 – 1938) Known as Dominica’s first national hero, he not only spent his career fighting for the people of Dominica, but also to make Dominica a stronger presence in the region.

The Dominica Museum in Roseau showcases the rich history of this small islands. With exhibits showcasing the dynamic geology, the tumultuous colonial history, and information about the local wildlife, you’re sure to learn something new. The museum also houses several recreated indigenous artifacts, such as a cabin and raft.

Eco-Tourism in Bonaire

Dominica is a wilderness hotspot. With forests, beaches, an array of hiking trails, and plenty more to explore, there’s no shortage of opportunities to get back into nature. There are several hiking trails that guide you through the forested areas of the island, passing past waterfall after waterfall.

Dominica also takes care of its natural wonders with its national park system. Everyone is encouraged to visit to get a truer sense of the beauty of the island. Some popular options include Morne Trois Pitons National Parkand Cabrits National Park.


Unfortunately, Dominica is within hurricane alley and is at risk of these tropical storms every year. However, All Hands and Hearts works to provide hurricane relief to those impacted in Dominica. You can donate here to help ease the burden the island feels during these disastrous storms.

Partly Cloudy

Capital: Roseau

Population: 71,600

Language: English, French, Creole

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar

Religion: Christian

National Bird: Sisserou parrot

National Flower: Carib Wood

National Dish: Callaloo
Motto: “Apres Bondie, C’est La Ter” – After God is the Earth

The National Flag: The flag has a dark green background with a vertical band of yellow, black, and white running through the center and a horizontal band of the same also running in the center. Where the bands intersect is a red disc with the Sisserou parrot in the middle.


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