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Marriot Bonvoy A cool urban vibe. A luxurious retreat. Whatever your travel style, our extraordinary portfolio of 30 hotel brands covers the globe and spans the possibilities. Escape to paradise with an authentic Caribbean vacation at Marriott Resort . Our upscale hotel sits on its embracing private beach in the Caribbean. Buy Now Sandals Resorts [...]

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Marriot Bonvoy

A cool urban vibe. A luxurious retreat. Whatever your travel style, our extraordinary portfolio of 30 hotel brands covers the globe and spans the possibilities. Escape to paradise with an authentic Caribbean vacation at Marriott Resort . Our upscale hotel sits on its embracing private beach in the Caribbean.

Sandals Resorts 40th Anniversary

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Sandals Resorts 40th Anniversary

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“No one enjoys a good party like the French, and so it’s no surprise that the nightlife on Martinique is anything less than exquisite. With bars, cocktail lounges, and dance clubs, there is no shortage of opportunity for the fun-loving adventurer. However, when peak tourist season is finished, the nightlife options tend to subside.

Martinique does not really have any national teams to root for given the size of the island. However, there are plenty of facilities strewn about the island where locals often enjoy a pick-up game of futbol or volleyball.

Although Martinique may be a small island, it still shuts down as takes to the streets during Carnival season. Martinique is a little unique in that it hosts a pre-Lent Carnival (called Vaval), but also hosts several festivals during Lent as well. The party never stops in this French paradise.”


  1. Anse Couleuvre
  2. Carbet
  3. Madiana
  4. Anse Noire
  5. Grande Anse du Diamant (Dizac)
  6. Pointe marin
  7. Grande Anse des Salines
  8. Cap Macre (Anse Baleine, Anse Four a Chaux)


The natives in Martinique have a unique Creole culture. With Creole language being the main language, it forms an essential medium of the state’s rich tradition. Martinique poet Aime Cesaire steered culture growth named Negritude towards the end of 1920.

The goal of the movement was to restore Africanism as it was, before France came into power. Among the positive outcome of the Negritude is a blooming growth in music, dance, art, literature, plus legalization of the Creole culture enacted by Cesaire (who served as Mayor of Fort de France).


Boat racing is an ancient and popular sport in the Island of Martinique. Wooden boats were constructed with a main purpose for fishing, and also for racing for fun and competition.

In the present, this hype of this game has escalated and several companies extend their sponsorship to gain a crowd for marketing. Football is also one of the most celebrated games in the Caribbean. Most residents, especially men subscribe to a certain soccer team.

Women most times are lured by their men, husbands, or friends to support a team they desire. Whenever there is a match, the streets would go empty until when the game is over. Swimming, Cycling and Tennis are also additional sports that are occassionally organized in this Island of flowers.

Lime & Dine

Martinican cuisine was a mix of Creole and French recipes, featuring hot pepper commonly referred to as ‘piment’. It’s market centres flock with various fruits and vegetables such as guava, mangoes, apples, coconuts,passion fruit, yams, cabbage, manioc breadfruit, and gumbo.

Seafood forms a large portion of their meals. The common delicacy being fish dipped in a thick tomato stew. Presently, many households are embracing imported meats and poultry. Vegetable soup with crab, gumbo, and ‘Matoutou’ which is rice and spicy crab is a meal commonly served during Easter and other special times.

On Saint days, you’ll find many persons doing fried veggies or fish cakes as appetizer,with goat mutton or chicken curry surfacing in the main meals. ‘Ti-punch’ a popular drink with sugarcane and flavoured with sweet lemon, ‘planteur’ which is any fruit juice, plus ‘shrubb’ made with tangerine and marinated orange are great drinks that always light up the mood of every gathering.


  1. Balata Botanical garden
  2. Les Salines
  3. Fort-de-France
  4. Les Trois-llets
  5. Saint-Pierre
  6. Boat Tours at Pointe du Bout
  7. Chateau Dubuc and the Caravelle Peninsula
  8. Route de la Trace to Morne Rouge
  9. Musee de la Pagarie
  10. Zoo Martinique and Le Carbet
  11. Sainte Anne
  12. Hiking on Mt. Pelee
  13. Diamond Rock
  14. Gorges de la Falaise

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