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Grenada is open for travel. As of December 01, 2020 all travelers, inclusive of children require a Pure Safe Travel Authorization Certificate prior to travel to Grenada. To be granted the authorization persons must register online and upload confirmation of an accommodation booking for a minimum of seven nights.

All visitors are required to hold proof of a confirmed reservation at a Ministry of Health Pure Safe Travel approved accommodation for a minimum of seven nights. This is to enable a period of observation and quarantine.

If your stay in Grenada is less than five days, you must remain at your accommodation throughout your time in Grenada.

For the latest and the full travel updates please visit the Pure Grenada Travel Update page before travel.


Capital: Saint George’s

Population: 108,000

Religion: Catholic and Protestant

Carnival: Grenada’s Spicemas Festival takes place early August and climaxes during the second Monday and Tuesday of the month. It features several activities and shows inclusive of the Junior Calypso Competition, the Children’s Carnival Frolic, National Queen Show, Panorama, DImanche Gras, J’Ouvert and Parade of Bands just to name a few.

Side of Street  Drive-On: Left

Currency: Eastern Caribbean dollar

History: Take a captivating journey down to Spice Isle, the multi-island nation of Grenada. Here, you can immerse yourself in a truly unique Caribbean landscape. With dramatic hills, luscious forests and a stunning Caribbean Sea blue backdrop to match. You can visit the three major islands that make up Grenada: Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique. Each island has unique offerings that are sure to delight you. Having been a member of the French Empire and the British Empire before gaining its independence in 1974, Grenada has a varied and dramatic history that has shaped it into the beautiful nation that it is today. Whether you want to explore the beautiful forest and other natural wonders of Grenada or instead splay out on the white sandy shores of the famed Grand Anse Beach, you are going to truly enjoy your retreat to Spice Isle


Places to Stay

Getting There

“When you fly to Grenada, you will land at the Maurice Bishop International Airport on the main island, Grenada. However, given Grenada’s relatively small size and distance from many major cities or islands, chances are you will be catching a connecting flight from another island on Liat Airlines.

However, if you’re lucky enough to catch a direct flight from North America, your best options will be either American Airlines or Delta Airlines. If you’re traveling from Europe, your best option will be British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. You can also catch a local flight to Carriacou, the second largest island of Grenada.

There are plenty of cruise options available to those who are looking to travel a more leisurely way. Your best options for getting to Grenada via a cruise ship would be joining a Royal Caribbean itinerary or a Norwegian Cruise Line itinerary.”