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Finding the perfect Caribbean destination is easy when there are so many great islands and cultures to visit, but that’s also what makes it so difficult. Whether you venture to the Bahamas for the idyllic Caribbean vacation or head to Jamaica to experience reggae and Rastafarian culture, an adventure undoubtedly awaits. Travel to St. Lucia for epic natural vistas, or visit Puerto Rico for a vibrant, lively ambiance. Wherever you choose, you can’t go wrong.


You haven’t been to St. Kitts until you have been to Brimstone Hill Fortress

The borders of St. Kitts and Nevis are still closed. However, you can always plan a trip to get yourself a genuine leather bag or rest on the magnificent beaches that line the shores of the Federation. And of course, visit the Brimstone Hill Fortress- Trust us, you will not regret it. But we do have a little disclaimer: the views are guaranteed to take your breath away.

The history of Brimstone Hill Fortress

In the 17th century, the island, covered with sugar cane and lush farmlands, became a territory of great contention among the French, English, and Spanish who sought to gain dominance in the region. But it was only in 1689; as the War of the Grand Alliance raged on, that cannons were mounted atop Brimstone Hill to defend the island from the French, who were quickly gaining territory.

After the surrender of neighbouring Nevis, weapons were taken to lay siege to the fortress. Stranded and with neither food nor adequate water supply, the English were forced to surrender.

In 1783, the island, along with the fortress, was handed back to the English, through the Treaty of Paris.


Harbour Island

Top 5 Things To Do in Harbour Island


How does a holiday on pink sand beaches surrounded by the clear turquoise waters sound? And, oh yes, a golf cart ride for transportation? Well this is the perfect offer of Harbour Island or as it is charmingly known to the locals, Briland. This beautiful expanse of land just northwest of Eleuthera island has a vibrancy that will transport you back to the 60s thanks to the architecture engineered by British settlers in 1700s.

Though it will be hard to fight the temptation of just sunbathing the entire vacation, don’t give in. There is so much to do in Briland.



Armistice of World War I – November 11

This date marks the scars that World War 1 left behind. France commemorates those day with a holiday to honor the lives that were lost during the war. Millitary parades on the seafront of the city of Forte-de-France. This parade is organized on behalf of the absent survivors of the tragedy in the history of France and Martinique.

Draco Rosa at the Coca Cola Music Hall – November 20

The legendary Peurto Rican Grammy award-winning singer –Robi Draco Rosa – will be performing on a one-night only intimate concert at the Coca Cola Music Hall.


Pickup Barbados – Caribbean Uber for Barbados

Barbados has launched a taxi service like Uber where anyone can book a ride using the pick up barbados app and book a local registered taxi.

Minister of Energy, Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Kerrie Symmonds launched this app earlier this week.

This will be a value added service for the taxi segment where the taxi operators doesn’t have to stop their daily operators or sign on anything.

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