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After Christopher Columbus discovery of the Islands of the Bahamas back in 1492. The Spanish at that time continued to reign over the island and around 1550 Andros Island was given the name “Espiritu Santo,” the Island of the Holy Spirit” but it was idenified on the map as San Andreas. The name Andros is remoured to be named after Sir Edmund Andros, Commander of Her Majesty’s Forces in Barbados in 1672. He was also named Governor of New York, Massachusetts and New England. Others believe that the island could be named after the St Andro inhabitants that settled on the island in 1787.

Later in the 18th century pirates would attack passing ships from England and Spain around the Andros coast as they travel from Hispanola, Cuba and onto Florida.
In the 19th century the Loyalists settled throughout the Bahamas. But on Andros they too came and established their cotton plantations, grew sisal and than later invested in the sponging industry. It was also during this time freed slaves discovered the beauty of Andors Island. They then established a settlement called Red Bays where they farmed, fish, and also worked in sponging, timber and pirating.

They were known as a small tight knit group that lived amongst themselves afraid of being sent back to the United States as slaves. From the 19th century until present day the inhabitants of this Island have continued to live off of the farming, fishing and tourism practices like many other Bahamian Islands surrounding it.

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