Located in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique is one of the Windward Islands in the Lesser Antilles group. Its eastern coastline borders the Atlantic Ocean while its western coast is flanked by the Caribbean Sea. Stunning beaches border tropical rainforests and towering cathedrals share skyline with an imposing volcano. Tourists and residents crowd the store-lined streets and restaurant-filled back alleys of Fort-de-France, while a few miles north, foliage dampens the sounds of birds’ tweets and hikers’ footsteps. In a word: Martinique. If you want to hit the beach one day then get the adrenaline pumping the next, you’ll find that this island offers both – and does both well.


Anse Mitan Beach 

Trois-Iltes Sea View, (Photo Source)

The main beach in Trois-Îltes is Anse Mitan. Often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, the crescent moon strip of sand stretches around the bay and perfectly encapsulates that secluded feeling many people wish for with their Caribbean vacations. You can soak up the sun and enjoy the day while remaining within easy walking distance of various shops and restaurants.

La Mauny Distillery

For those who want to fully immerse themselves in the Martinique culture, you can head to the La Mauny Distillery. You can enjoy a Creole cooking class and learn how to create the flavor of the Caribbean for yourself. You can also delight in rum tastings afterward and experience all of the various flavors of the island.


No one enjoys a good party like the French, and so it’s no surprise that the nightlife on Martinique is anything less than exquisite. With bars, cocktail lounges, and dance clubs, there is no shortage of opportunity for the fun-loving adventurer. However, when peak tourist season is finished, the nightlife options tend to subside.

Martinique does not really have any national teams to root for given the size of the island. However, there are plenty of facilities strewn about the island where locals often enjoy a pick-up game of futbol or volleyball.

Although Martinique may be a small island, it still shuts down as takes to the streets during Carnival season. Martinique is a little unique in that it hosts a pre-Lent Carnival (called Vaval), but also hosts several festivals during Lent as well. The party never stops in this French paradise.


International carriers with flights direct to Martinique’s modern Aimé Césaire Airport (FDF) include Air Caraibes, Air France, Corsair, Air Canada, Air Transat, American Airlines and Norwegian. Direct flights from Miami to Martinique are available on Air France and American Airlines. Norwegian also offers nonstop flights from New York, Boston and Baltimore/Washington D.C. With plenty of options available from many international destinations, flying to Martinique is just as convenient as it is relaxing.

If you’d rather not deal with the hassle of flights and airports, you can instead indulge your luxurious side on an inclusive cruise to Martinique.


When you want to explore the beautiful Caribbean jewel that is Martinique, you can rent a car and explore this tropical French paradise like a true local.


For a truly unique experience, you can visit the Zoo de Martinique. Housed in and around some of the oldest ruins on the island (Habitation Latouche), you can learn about some of the tropical species that call the region home. You’ll get to see iguanas, flamingos, and even black jaguars.

Lovers of all things bright and colorful will enjoy a visit at the Jardin de Balata. You can stroll among the carefully maintained tropical gardens, feel immersed in a tropical landscape, and even test your abilities at the canopy tour. You’ll feel as though you’ve slipped away into a little tropical oasis.


Aimé Césaire: The Martinique-born Césaire is one of Martinique’s more modern notable individuals. He is credited with beginning a literature movement that focuses on the African diaspora and works to educate its readers on this multi-faceted issue. His work has been translated into several languages.

The Regional Museum of History and Ethnography in Fort-de-France focuses on the cultural history of the peoples of Martinique. You can learn more about the history and local communities as you spend time at this locally curated museum.


Corona Virus Update as at September 2, 2020
General Restrictions for US Passengers:
  • U.S. Passengers are allowed under certain conditions.
  • Business, Leisure/Tourism and Tech Stops are possible for US Passengers.
  • Proof of a Negative COVID-19 test done 72 hours before departure (max) for presentation on arrival.
  • No Quarantine is required with negative COVID Test. If no test then a mandatory 14 day  quarantine is required.
  • Country website resources:

Passenger Restrictions: Subject to mandatory 14-day quarantine on arrival except Passengers connecting to another flight within 24hrs. Passengers must have a written commitment stating precise reason for travel and commitment to 14-day quarantine at their place of residence on arrival.

Crew: Crew and minimum support staff that are required to carry out cargo and passenger flights are exempt from the travel restrictions. No quarantine requirements. Crew can rest at off airport hotels.

Tech Stop Information: Possible with PAX onboard; Crew and Passengers may leave the aircraft.  All normal services are available.

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The bravest of brave can climb up Mount Pelée to explore the sleeping volcano. While the volcano is currently dormant, geophysicists and seismologists monitor it every day. However, as you hike up to the summit, you can see the lush greenery around that grew from the most recent volcanic eruption in 1932. With great devastation comes fertile rewards.

The mangrove forests in the brackish waters of any marine environment provide a vital nursery for birds and marine life to grow their young. You can learn more about Martinique’s mangrove forests by signing up for a Mangrove Tour with Le Mantou. These informational boat tours offer great insight into these important habitats and get you up close to these unique little worlds.

Capital: Fort-de-France

Population: 386,486

Language: French

Currency: Euro

Religion: Roman Catholic

National Bird: Oriole

National Flower: MADININA

National dish: Colombo de Martinique

Motto: La collective au service du pays

The National Flag:
The official flag of Martinique is the national flag of France which is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue (hoist side), white, and red.



March 9 – March 13, 2020

The Clément Ti’Punch Cup 2020 is open!

Now in its third edition, the international cocktail competition Clément Ti’Punch Cup 2020 is open across the US, Europe, and Asia for registration. Made with the goal of helping people to discover (or rediscover) the region of origin – Martinique – bartenders from across the world are welcomed to put their twist on the classic cocktail Ti’Punch.


Martinique’s capital city and cruise port, Fort de France, is expecting some 345,000 visiting cruise passengers and 120,000 homeporting a major cruise port, for the 2019-2020 season, .

Martinique tourism monitoring COVID-19 cases

Martinique Tourism monitoring cases of COVID-19 coronavirus

The Martinique Tourism Authority, the Port of Martinique, and the Martinique International Airport are closely monitoring the island’s points of entry to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus and ensure the safety of its residents and visitors.


Balata Botanical Garden

Les Salines


Les Trois-Ilets


Boat Tours from Pointe du Bout

Château Dubuc and the Caravelle Peninsula

Route de la Trace to Morne Rouge

Musée de la Pagerie

Zoo Martinique and Le Carbet


Hiking on Mount Pelée

Diamond Rock

Gorges de la Falaise

Les Ombrages


Aruba Soul Beach Music Festival

Memorial Day Weekend: May 23 – 28, 2018