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With its perfect combination of rich cultural heritage, stunning scenery, endless sunshine, and beautiful sandy beaches, it comes as no surprise why Mexico is a top vacation destination at any time of year.

 A mix of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, luxury resorts, and traditional beach vacation spots, Mexico offers visitors an enticing blend of Mesoamerican cultures, where authentic Spanish traditions, delicious cuisine, and shimmering blue coastline are only a few of the enticing facets of culture to explore.



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From palm-fringed beaches to plunging canyons, historic cathedrals, and mural-splashed city streets, Mexico is one of the most dynamic countries in the world.

But it doesn’t stop there. Mexico has thousands of years of history, epic landscapes, towering mountains, ancient ruins, world-class cuisine, and 5,800 miles of coastline that create an endless list of things to do for travelers. From laid-back beach towns to cosmopolitan culture and historic colonial towns, Mexico really is a paradise for every type of visitor.

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It's always fun to try new and different foods and drinks when you're traveling, but sometimes you just don't know what to order. If your of legal drinking age in Mexico, here are a few drinks you can try on a trip, and some links to recipes in case you would like to make them at home because these are also the perfect drinks to liven up any Mexican fiesta, whether it's Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day—or any other day of the year.

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  • Capital: Mexico City
  • Population: 127.6 Million
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Currency: Peso
  • Language: Spanish


Toltec civilization had a big influence on Mexico’s cultural history. They appeared in the 10th century helping build the city which is known as Tula, which is now home to about 40,000 people.

The Aztecs, which was the last of Mexico’s Pre-Columbian native civilizations rose into prominence in the central valley in 1427 partnering with Toltecs and Mayans. This alliance conquered small cultures from the east to west and then the Aztec empire extended Mexico from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Coast.

In this time the Aztecs ruled 5 million people with a tight structured system with self support units known as calpulli. Every unit has its own school, army, temple, council and land.