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This little island republic in the Lesser Antilles is a Caribbean gem. The soft-sand beaches and blue ocean provide picture-perfect landscapes, but …

Martinique is a Caribbean sailors’ paradise with fantastic French cuisine. The verdant jungles, tropical flowers, volcanoes, and beaches all contribute to the …

Grenada has some of the best beaches in the world which you visit at least one of them in your life. In …

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Explore Mexico

Resort 1

-Now Emerald Cancun

Resort 2

-Cabo Surf Hotel & Spa

Resort 3

-Hotel Hacienda de Guadalupe

Resort 4

-Hacienda El Santuario San Miguel de Allende


-Pueblo Serena (Architecture Perfection)

-Ambarte (Mexican Jewelry Shop)

-Paseo de La Reforma 222 (Luxury Shopping )

-La Lagunilla Traditional Market

Entertainment and unique tours

-Music Hop in Mexico City

-Dive in Cozumel

-Swim in a Cenote (sinkholes or caves)

-Street Food Tour

-Explore Mayan Ruins

-See Puebla Tunnels

-Visit Pyramids of Teotihuacan

-Take Tequila Express

-Sample Tequila and Mezcal

-Drink in a Cantina

Cultural Activities

Dia de Muertos

Dia de La Independencia

Guelaguetza Festival

Dia de La Virgen de Guadalupe

Las Posadas

Festival de Mexico

Son Jarocho Music Festival

Water Activities



-White water rafting

-Speed boating








-Cabo San Lucas

-Puerto Vallarta 

-Playa del Carmen




-Puerto Morelos

-Puerto Escondido

-San Jose del Cabo


-Isla Mujeres

-La Paz

-Playa Mocambo

Commercial airline, Cruiseline, Private yachting, and Private aeroplane.

Capital: Mexico City

Population: 127.6 Million

Religion: Roman Catholic

Currency: Peso

Language: Spanish


Toltec civilization had a big influence on Mexico’s cultural history. They appeared in the 10th century helping build the city which is known as Tula, which is now home to about 40,000 people. The Aztecs, which was the last of Mexico’s Pre-Columbian native civilizations rose into prominence in the central valley in 1427 partnering with Toltecs and Mayans. This alliance conquered small cultures from the east to the west and then the Aztec empire extended Mexico from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf Coast. In this time the Aztecs ruled 5 million people with a tight structured system with self-support units known as calpulli. Every unit has its own school, army, temple, council and land. With influences from earlier Mexican civilizations, the Aztecs conducted dances, sacrifices, possessions, and religious ceremonies.

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