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Erindell Villa Guesthouse

Erindell Villa is a delightful little guesthouse with a large swimming pool. It is nestled among colorful tropical gardens in Woodlands, Montserrat - the "Emerald Isle of the Caribbean".Renovated in 2009 thanks to the Montserrat Tourist Board’s Challenge Fund Grant, we are close to the volcano observatory, bus routes, Woodlands Beach, hiking trails, and the village of Salem.


Tropical Mansion Suites

Tropical Mansion Suites is an award-winning boutique hotel located on the beautiful tropical island of Montserrat. Nestled in the historic Sweeney’s estate, a tropical oasis awaits you with warm Caribbean hospitality at its best

Link: http://www.tropicalmansion.com/

Grand View Bed & Breakfast

Uniquely positioned on the highest point of Johannesburg, with panoramic views over the city, Grand View B&B provides an enclave of solitude and elegance in northern Johannesburg. This striking establishment is located in one of the most sought-after areas in Joburg; situated in the north of the city’s up-market area of Auckland Park. 
Link: http://www.grandbnb.com/


Entertainment or Unique Tours: 

Beaches, various water sports, Nature trails, Day tours, and beautiful resorts with amazing locally grown food.

  • Hell's Gate
  • Montserrat Valcano Observator
  • Garibaldi Hills Viewpoint
  • Spanish Viewpoint
  • Jackboy Hill


Locally made items include leather goods, handwoven items made from locally grown cotton, volcanic soaps, and preserves such as guava jelly and hot pepper sauce. Small shopping complexes such as the BBC complex and the Ryan building.


Carnival: The carnival is held annually from the end of July to the first Tuesday in August.

Lime & Dine:

Goat water is the national dish of Montserrat, a delicious stew authentically made from the meat of the male (ram) goat.


  • Woodlands Beach
  • Lime Kiln Beach
  • Margarita Beach
  • Fox's Bay Beach
  • Isle's Bay Beach
  • Bunkum Bay Beach
  • Rendezvous Beach
  • Little Bay Beach
  • Bottomless Gaut Beach

 Water Activities:

Montserrat’s stunning beauty extends down from its mountains to its beaches and then underwater to its vibrant coral reefs. Therefore snorkelling, scuba diving is the most popular among them.

Side of Street Drive-On: Left

Car Rentals: 

Plenty of options around the city such as



Avis.com etc

Bike & Scooter Rentals: 

Available with gears


Various options available like taxi24h, city airport taxi, etc

Public Transportation:

Montserrat has no rail services. Aside from taxis, the main means of public transportation are minibuses, which have the same license plate as smaller cabs and do not travel on set schedules. Minibusses primarily only run on Montserrat's main road during the day.


Access to the facilities at Montserrat if you are a disabled traveller. Disabled access to the restaurant facilities: All of the restaurants at Montserrat are fully wheelchair and scooter accessible. They are all located on the ground floor and have wide doors at their entrances.

Getting There:

The only way to get to Montserrat by air is by flying from the island of Antigua in Antigua and Barbuda.

Travellers can opt for the Jaden Sun ferry service that runs from island Antigua to Montserrat and back. Pick up the ferry from Heritage Quay in Antigua, taking it to Little Bay in Montserrat. The ride is about an hour and a half and operates five days a week. Pick up your tickets right at the port.

Capital: Brades

Population: 4,649(Revised in 2018)

Area: 102 km2 

Country: British Overseas territory

Religion: Christian

Time:  UTC-4:00 (AST)

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar, United States Dollar (USD)


The original Native American inhabitants of Montserrat began to arrive in the Lesser Antilles about 3000 BCE. Carib Indians, who arrived later, are said to have named the island Alliouagana (“Land of the Prickly Bush”). Columbus named the island for the abbey of Montserrat in Spain.

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