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A small river named Duden flows by their place and supplies it with the necessary

Explore St.Lucia

Resort 1

Sandals Grande St. Lucia

Resort 2

Royalton Saint Lucia Resort

Resort 3

Bay Gardens Inn

Resort 4

Sugar Beach, A viceroy resort

Things To Do

Entertainment or Unique Tours: 

Unique tours

  • Whale and Dolphin Watching
  • Helicopter Tours
  • Rainforest / Zip Line Adventure
  • HorseBack Riding
  • Mountain biking – Anse Mamin beach
  • Tropical Jeep Safari



  • Pigeon Island National Park
  • Edmund Rain Forest Reserve 
  • Tet Paul Nature Trail 
  • Diamond Botanical Gardens
  •  Mount Soufriere Sulphur Springs Park
  • The Pitons


Historic places : 

  • Derek Walcott Square Derek Walcott Square
  •  Mourne Fortune Morne Fortuné 



Castries Market

BayWalk Shopping mall

Gablewoods Shopping mall

Meme Bete

Bay Walk Shopping mall

Meme Bete



The great Carnival season of St.Lucia culminates in an exciting, fun-filled two-day street parade of live bands and DJ music, stunning Carnival costumes and the joyous and energetic revelry typical of Caribbean carnivals on 20 and 21 July. 


St Lucia hosts a triathlon called the TRI Saint Lucia.The island also is the finishing point for the world-renowned Atlantic Rally for Cruisers sailing event.

The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers event commences at the end of November in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and ends at the IGY Marina, Rodney Bay in Saint Lucia in early December.

 The Mango Bowl Regatta is a small but growing 3-day event held in Rodney Bay each year. Regatta Classes include a Cruising Class, and several Racing Classes including J24 and Surprise.

 Saint Lucia Jazz Festival Produced in Collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center features the finest names in modern jazz performing in intimate venues and public settings throughout the island.


Lime & Dine:

St Lucian cuisine is a tasty combination of Creole, French, Indian and British flavours.

Saltfish is Saint Lucia's national dish and is usually accompanied by unripened bananas (green figs). Salt fish often consists of kippered herring or dried and salted cod that has been cured with dry salt, soaked overnight, and preserved.



  1. Reduit Beach
  2. Anse Chastanet Beach and Reef
  3. Jalousie Beach
  4. Sandy Beach
  5. Sugar Beach
  6. Marigot Bay
  7. Pigeon Island Park
  8. La Toc
  9. Anse Chastanet
  10. Grande Anse

Water Activities:

For water sports lovers Saint Lucia abounds with aquatic excursionsSurfing, Kitesurfing, Swimming, Sea Trek Helmet Diving,Kayaking,Sailing, Paddling, Diving,Snuba & Snuba Doo and Snorkeling are the options available.

If you are fond of fishing St Lucia offers an exclusive fishing experience in the Caribbean called Deep Sea Sport Fishing.

Getting There

With one international airport receiving flights from dozens of international destinations, flying to St. Lucia is easier than you’d expect. With dozens of flights from around North America, Europe, and South America, you will not have any difficulty getting to this tropical paradise.

Instead of dealing with the flights to St. Lucia, you can enjoy the leisurely life aboard a cruise as you coast through the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.


Once you make it to the tropical paradise of St. Lucia, you might want to guide yourself around the island with a rental car. If you feel like travelling around the islands like a local, you can jump aboard one of the minivans that operate as a bus in the local communities.

Capital: Castries

Population: Over 183 627 people

Religion: Roman Catholic and Protestant.

Side of Street  Drive-On: As you drive around St. Lucia remember to lean on the Left Hand Side of the road

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Language:  English is the National language that is also used as a medium of instruction. Residents who live in the rural of St.Lucia speak ‘Kweyo’ which is a Creole language a blend of French and African dialects. Efforts are in place to have ‘Kweyo’ as the second national language in the region.


Saint Lucia was initially named “Louanalao” this term cane from the Arawak Indians in 200 AD, which means “Island of the Iguanas,”. It was later baptised as “Hewanorra,” in 800 AD on the arrival of Carib Indians who introduced their culture into Saint Lucia. The descendants of the Carib can still be traced in Saint Lucia today. Caribs dominated Saint Lucia until the 1600s, when settlers wanted to take over the island so as to steer European trade. Despite the colonialism struggle, the Caribs kept on with the fight and severally blocked the English and French from living on the island.

Saint Lucia was not colonized by Juan de Cosa. A famous pirate called François Le Clerc, and Jambe de Bois as his nickname- because of his wooden leg was the actual colonizer. In 1550s, through Pigeon Island, Peg-Leg Le Clerc attacked Spanish ships. Currently, the island is a National Landmark, serving as a home of historic sites and museums that enthrall tourists.

In the 1600s, there were several attempts by the Dutch, English, and French to win Saint Lucia. Around 1600s the Dutch tried to construct Vieux Fort in vain, they were overpowered by the Caribs. In 1639, 400 British settlers made their entrance into the island. Before they clocked two years of their stay, the Caribs wiped them out.

In 1651, French West India Company bought the land from the Caribs with an aim of transforming it into a French colony, immediately, the English sent 1,000 men to recover the island. This fight went on up to 1814, when the French surrendered Saint Lucia to the English.

Saint Lucia was last among the European colonies to declare independence. She gained independence through the British Commonwealth in 1979. Today Saint Lucia has a thriving sovereign government and a peaceful economy.

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