Welcome to Saint Lucia, Fairest isle of all the earth! A sensorial experience that will feed your spirit with flavours gathered from the earth, the sea, and the people. Born of Volcanic origin, the island of Saint Lucia offers a burst of natural splendour with every turn. She whispers a constellation of emotions spicing up each day with mysterious flavours and will colour your mind with a palette full of soul. Easily accessible, with two airports, both specializing in ground services for private jets, Saint Lucia is the perfect destination. Whether you are an adventure seeker, an environmentalist, a dive enthusiast, a yogi, or in need of a private getaway, St. Lucia will inspire your stories and fill them with joy.


Splash Island Water Park

The giant, inflatable open-water Splash Island Water Park beckons visitors to swim out to the giant structures and enjoy this aquatic playground. With slides, obstacle courses, climbing walls, and plenty of other delights, there is no doubt you’ll easily play the day away. And thanks to a vigilant trained life-guarding staff, you’ll be worry free as you enjoy the water and sun.

Splash Island Water Park

Splash Island is a huge floating water park located on Lake Chatuge in Hiawassee, GA! Being a place of fun for all ages, Splash Island brings thrilling and excitement to kids of all ages and adults who are out to play!

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

Located near Soufriere Estate, the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens welcomes those who want to quick escape into a tropical wonderland without the arduous hike. You can visit the waterfalls, take a dip in the healing mineral spas, and stroll through the botanical gardens. With colors you almost couldn’t imagine growing from the ground, you will be mesmerized by the beauty all around you.

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens  (Photo Source)

Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens, is a beautiful, alluring, and peaceful historic retreat from the outside world. A haven for insects and birds, which creates a real and unique nature experience.

Enjoy the eye catching scenery with diverse range of plant life and tropical flowers.  breathtaking waterfall, hot mineral springs fill the historical baths with age old medicinal waters and flora and fauna abounds.


The nightlife scene in St. Lucia is more about enjoying the end of the day rather than dancing your heart out to loud music in a dark room. You can find a cozy corner of a local bar or cocktail lounge, relax with friends and family, and reminisce on your day in paradise.

Cricket and futbol are the most popular sports on the island, however, tennis is quickly growing in popularity as well. While St. Lucia rarely sends players to compete with other teams, the friendly local rivalries are fun to immerse yourself in.

While St. Lucia is a small island with a smaller population, the island still enjoys celebrating when the time calls for it. With a major festival or event happening almost every month, you are sure to find yourself in the middle of a music festival, street party, or holiday celebration. Some popular ones include the Roots & Soul Musical Festival in late August and the Festival of Lights and Renewal in December.


With one international airport receiving flights from dozens of international destinations, flying to St. Lucia is easier than you’d expect. With dozens of flights from around North America, Europe, and South America, you will not have any difficulty getting to this tropical paradise.

Instead of dealing with the flights to St. Lucia, you can enjoy the leisurely life aboard a cruise as you coast through the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.


Once you make it to the tropical paradise of St. Lucia, you might want to guide yourself around the island with a rental car. If you feel like travelling around the islands like a local, you can jump aboard one of the minivans that operate as a bus in the local communities.


For those who want to experience a slightly more isolated section of the island, you can head to Pigeon Island National Park. At the northern reaches of St. Lucia, Pigeon Island is home to Fort Rodney, an old military outpost. You will also be able to enjoy several brisk hikes around the park as you get to gaze out at dramatic overlooks both toward the sea and back toward the main part of St. Lucia.

You can immerse yourself in the black water pool baths of Sulphur Springs. Warmed by the volcanic elements of the island, these mud baths are a fun and memorable way to enjoy some unique quirks of nature. You can even take a tour of the mud baths and learn more about the geological events that cause the volcano to invert in on itself and create this bizarre formation.


Sir George Charles: St. Lucia’s first Chief Minister, he worked primarily to acquire universal suffrage for all in St. Lucia.

Sir John Compton: Compton became the first Premier when St. Lucia gained Associated Statehood. He then helped lead St. Lucia to independence in 1974 and then became the first Prime Minister of St. Lucia.


Lovers of aquatic animals will enjoy a whale and dolphin watching tour. Operated out of Castries, these tours are four hours long and are filled with fun and plenty of new information. The waters of St. Lucia often see 25 different varieties of whales and dolphins throughout the year, so you are almost guaranteed to see some friendly marine mammals while you’re out and about.

For those who prefer dry land, but aren’t afraid of heights, the Rainforest Adventures Aerial Tram Tour is a great way to spend the day. You’ll be in your own open-air gondola as you glide through the canopy with an experienced, and informational, tour guide. You’ll get to see the tropical beauty of St. Lucia from an entirely different perspective.


The multi-national nonprofit group Food for the Poor operates in St. Lucia to provide those in need with essential goods after natural disasters. Food for the Poor also works within the communities to establish self-efficiency practices, such as beekeeping.

The Saint Lucia National Trust works hard to protect and preserve the environmental and cultural gems and highlights of the country. In order to guarantee that visitors continue to come to the island, those preservation measures must be taken. Any donation to help the Saint Lucia National Trust continue their work is working for the future.

Capital: Castries

Population: 178,015

Language: English

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar

Religion: Roman Catholicism, Seventh-day Adventist

National Bird: Amazona Versicolor Parrot

National Flower: The Rose, The Marguerite

National dish: Green Fig & Salt Fish

Motto: – “The Land, The People, The Light”

The National Flag:
The blue field represents the Caribbean Sea, and the triangles symbolize the island’s famous Pitons – the twin volcanic peaks.


St. Lucia’s Celebrates 41st Anniversary of Independence

Odoo • Image and TextSaint Lucia celebrates its 41st Independence Anniversary on February 22nd, 2020 with a year long celebration. On the 21st and 22nd February, they will celebrate in grande style with vast achievements in education, culture, sports and agriculture over the preceding decades. They will honour their heroes and Nobel Laureates; Sir Arthur Lewis and Sir Derek Walcott.

The very best is anticipated from musicians, artistes, folk dancers, chefs and poets as they celebrate everything Saint Lucian.

As they celebrate forty one years of change, development, progress, all Saint Lucians (and St. Lucians at heart) are invited to celebrate now its the time, let’s do it together!


Coronavirus Advisory Update

Latest Update – March 30, 2020

As of March 30, 2020, the World Health Organization reported a total of 693 282 confirmed
cases of COVID-19 globally with 33 106 deaths. There are now 81, 137 confirmed cases in the
region of the Americas. The affected region includes Dominican Republic (581), Haiti (15),
Barbados (26), Jamaica (32), Cuba (119), Dominica (11), Grenada (7), Trinidad and Tobago
(76), Guyana (5), Antigua and Barbuda (7), Bahamas (10), Saint Vincent and Grenadines (1),
Guadeloupe (96), Martinique (105), St. Kitts and Nevis (4), Saint Barthelemy (5), Aruba (46),
US Virgin Islands (22), Cayman Islands (8).
On the evening of Monday, March 30, the Laboratory Director at the Ezra Long Laboratory
diagnosed an additional four (4) cases of COVID-19 bringing the total of confirmed cases in
Saint Lucia to thirteen (13) to date.
The first case is a 37 years old female with no travel history but was in contact with someone
within the tourism industry. She presented to our health facility on March 23.
The second case is a 34 year old female with no travel history and no known contact with
someone with significant travel history and presented to a health care facility on March 24.
The third case is a 54 year old female with no travel history and came in to a health care facility
on March 24.
The fourth case is a 40 year old male with no travel history but contact with persons with recent
travel into Saint Lucia. He came in to a health care facility on March 25.

All of these cases were captured through our community respiratory clinics. Since their diagnosis
they have been placed in isolation at a medical facility. Our teams are currently in the field
undertaking tracing of the contacts of these cases.
Saint Lucia’s three facility based quarantine sites continue to house over 300 persons. To date, none
of these individuals have displayed any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and given that they remain
asymptomatic, the first group of persons are scheduled to be discharged from facility-based
quarantine this weekend.
The Department of Health implores everyone to support the national scale down and curfew
measures which have been put in place to protect the health and safety of every citizen. These
measures, if adhered to by each and every individual, shall significantly slow down the spread of
COVID-19. On its own, the virus is unable to spread. Rather, people spread the virus. As such, by
remaining at home, avoiding social and recreational activities, the potential of an outbreak of
COVID-19 is significantly reduced. Though keeping these social distance measures may be
challenging for some and very different from what we know to be normal, its benefit in preventing of
local transmission surpasses any inconveniences we face.
We continue to advise the public to focus on the maintenance of standard recommendations to
prevent the spread of infection. These include:
– – regular hand washing with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer where soap and water is
not available.
– – cover mouth and nose with disposable tissues or clothing when coughing and sneezing.
– avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and
– seek medical attention and share your travel history with your health care provider if you have
symptoms suggestive of respiratory illness either during or after travel.
The Department of Health asks you, the public, to boost your immune system by ensuring you are
eating healthy while at home. That includes a diet made up of fruits and vegetables and also get the
necessary exercise at home and in your yard. Keeping a good immune system will reduce possible chances of developing COVID-19 if you were in contact with someone who has it.
The Department of Health and Wellness will continue providing regular updates on

Dominic Fedee Named Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year

At the recently held 2020 Caribbean Travel Awards Saint Lucia’s Tourism Minister, Dominic Fedee, was named Caribbean Tourism Minister of the Year.

Fedee has helped steward a destination that is one of the hottest in the Caribbean and has become a haven for high-profile investment, from Cabot’s highly-anticipated gold resort at the northern tip of the island to a major new cruise destination in south. That’s without mentioning an exemplary role as chair of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, doing an outstanding job as an ambassador for Caribbean tourism as a whole.


The Pitons Mountains

Reduit Beach

Anse Chastenet

Castries Market

Marigot Bay

Sulphur Springs

Pigeon Island National Park

Rodney Bay

Daren Sammy Cricket Ground

And Much More…


Saint Lucia Jazz and Arts Festival 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019 – Sunday, May 12, 2019