St. Thomas is our most cosmopolitan island, yet it still retains the distinctive atmosphere of a Caribbean paradise. For families or couples, St. Thomas is packed with opportunities for smiles and surprise.

There is plenty of duty-free shopping, spectacular diving and world-class dining. Enjoy the island’s world-renowned golf course, picture-perfect beaches and spectacular nightlife. Take the Skyride 700 feet above the city or climb the famous 99 Steps of Charlotte Amalie for an incomparable view of the Caribbean. 



St. Thomas gives visitors so many options for spending leisure and recreational days both on land and on (or under) its clear, sparkling waters. This list puts Magens Bay at the top because it is one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, and because the beach is often the first destination of vacationers. So start at the beach to get into the “limin’” mode, as they say here in the U.S. Virgin Islands. From there, use this list as your priority guide for picking the best from all of St. Thomas’ varied and alluring attractions and activities.

Island Resorts & Retreats



St. Thomas is divided into seven distinct subdistricts – of these, five are conducive for hosting travelers: East End, Southside, Charlotte Amalie, Northside, and Water Island. Surprisingly, for such a small island, each district varies significantly in the types of accommodation and St. Thomas attractions within its boundaries.


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St. Thomas offers the natural beauty of the islands with a sophisticated and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the U.S. Virgins, is one of the most breathtaking harbors in the world and the most visited port in the Caribbean.

Exquisite dining, spectacular nightlife, and the finest duty-free shopping in the world are abundant in Charlotte Amalie. Its reputation as the shopping capital of the Caribbean draws hundreds of thousands of visitors annually from throughout the Caribbean region and the world.

Fresh Island Flavours



Restaurant choices in St. Thomas are largely grouped around three cuisines: American, Caribbean and Globally Inspired. Some restaurants focus on seafood, as one might expect on a Caribbean island; but just as many serve burgers and bar food. Continental cuisine and pizza are easy to find. There are a few Mediterranean, BBQ, steakhouse, and Sushi restaurants.

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St Thomas has been a top vacation destination since the 1950’s and ’60s. That popularity continues to this day. With world-class shopping, restaurants, stunning beaches and snorkeling and enough historic destinations to keep even the avid history buff busy!

Second only to shopping are St Thomas’ beautiful beaches. Beachgoers will fall in love with the white sand, palm-lined aqua blue waters that surround the island. Here’s a handy Google Map of St Thomas’ beaches and snorkeling locations.