Capital: Charlotte Amalie

Population: Inhabited by about 106, 235 people as at 2020.

Religion: Christianity is the dominant religion comprised of the Baptists, Roman Catholics, Episcopalian.

Side of Street  Drive-On: Left Hand Side

Currency: USD $

Language: English and Spanish are the main languages.


Virgin Islands previously referred to as Danish West Indies of the Kingdom of Denmark is a collection of islands and unincorporated and organized territory of the united states. They are found on the leeward side of the Lesser Antilles and to the east of Puerto Rico and also to the west of the British Islands. It occupies up to 346.36km2.

The Virgin Islands were initially occupied by Ciboney and the Arawaks as early as 1000 BC. Christopher Columbus is said to be the first European to discover this territory in his second voyage around 1493 and had the honor of baptizing it with the current name. Later in 1625, the French and the English started trickling in on St. Croix.


1. Swimming

2. Snorkeling

3. Scuba diving

4. Kayaking

5. Shopping

1. Cricket

2. Basketball


4.Boat Racing

The Culture of the residents in Virgin Islands is evident in the present generation of the residents of the territory and the British Virgin Islands. Their rich culture buys a lot from West African, European, and American traditions and an influence from the immigrants of the Arab world, India, and other Caribbean Islands.

1. Callaloo Soup

2. Anegada Lobster

3. Conch Fritters

4. Roti

5. Dumb Bread

6. Whelks & Rice

7. Fish and Fungi

8. Bullfoot soup

9. Caribbean lobster

1. Morne Trois Pitons National Park

2. Boiling lake

3. Victoria falls

4. Trafalgar Falls

5. Dominica’s Beaches

6. Cabrits National Park

7. Roseau

8. Papillote Tropical Gardens

9. Champagne Reef

10. Kalinago Territory

11. Dominica’s Festival

1.Cinnamon Bay Beach

2. Trunk Bay Beach

3. Salt Pond Beach

4. Hull Bay Beach

5. Magen’s Bay Beach

6. Jack’s Bay Beach

7. Judith’s Fancy Beach

8. Sandy Point Beach

9. Turtle Beach

10. Honeymoon Bay Beach

Places to Stay

The Ritz-Carlton

Marriott’s Frenchman’s Cove

Secret Harbour Beach Resort

Bolongo Bay Beach Resort

Getting There

Traveling into the collection of islands is mainly by way of Air with two great Airports being the Cyril E.King Airport and the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport.

Best way to move around virgin Islands of United States is by Car, Bus, Taxi, Cruise, Ferry, sea plane.