Acquired by the United States in 1917, United States Virgin Islands are a group of three exotic islands located in the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea. These islands include St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John.

The remarkable seascapes and picturesque views of the island have earned it the title of “American Paradise.” However, this not the extent of what the islands have to offer. A rich cultural diversity, brought on by variegated types of people that have inhabited the islands throughout history, has created a beautiful cultural melting pot.

You can stroll back in time on the historic streets of these islands, immerse in the music that reverberates off its walls, and give your tastebuds a taste of the local cuisine. On your US Virgin Islands vacation, you are sure to make memories of a lifetime.


St. Croix is the largest of the US virgin islands. Here, you will be able to enjoy alluring reefs, sandy beaches, and meet some of the most fun-loving people.

St. Croix US Virgin Islands

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St. Thomas is one of the larger islands in the United States Virgin Islands and is also home to the capital. The island of St. John is located right next door to St. Thomas and offers visitors to St. Thomas a perfect day trip or overnight excursion to explore some of the preserved natural lands. With crystal clear waters and no passport requirement for American citizens, St. Thomas and St. John are the perfect escape.


Beaches and watersport activities are among the top-rated attractions in the U.S Virgin Islands and this is rightly so. The beautiful beaches of the island draw in travelers from all reaches of the globe. Enjoy kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, and paddleboarding in the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Below, you’ll find a list of the best tourist attractions in the United States Virgin Islands.

1. Virgin Islands National Park, St. John

Virgin Islands National Park St. John

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2. Trunk Bay, St. John

Trunk Bay Beaches, best beaches of the world, St. John, US Virgin Islands

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3. Magens Bay, St. Thomas

Magens Bay, St. Thomas

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4. Mountain Top, St. Thomas

Mountain Top View Point, St. Thomas

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5. Buck Island Reef, National Monument, St. Croix

Buck Island Reef Tour

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6. Christiansted, St. Croix

Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI

7. Blackbeard’s Castle, St. Thomas

Blackbeard's Castle, St. Thomas

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8. Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

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The best nightlife in the USVI is on St. Thomas and St. John. Here, a lot of neighborhood restaurants turn into bars and dance halls when the sun goes down, inviting locals and visitors alike to get carried away with the sounds of the steel drum. A lot of the bigger resorts in the USVI want to make sure you make the most of your night as well. Resorts will often host parties, concerts, and even performances to entertain the masses and help create a memorable night.

The USVI does sports a little differently than most of its Caribbean neighbors. The big athletic draws here tend to focus on running and bike races through the hills and across the shorelines. Expert anglers also flock to the USVI to try their hand at some of the champion deep-sea fishing, whether to break a local record or a personal best.

With three islands each hosting their own Carnival, July 4th celebration, and various music festivals, there is always a reason to celebrate on the shores of the USVI. Whether you want to enjoy a low-key jazz festival or take to the streets at Carnival on St. Thomas, there is always cause for ribaldry.


May 11, 2020

To date, 69 people have tested positive for COVID-19, out of which, 60 have recovered and five have died. Currently, two coronavirus patients are hospitalized.

Governor Albert Bryan Jr., in his briefing on May 7, 2020, eased some of the restrictions imposed during the ‘Safer At Home’ initiative, which was intended to limit the spread of coronavirus. Hotels can now take in visitors and dive shops, day sails and day excursions have also been permitted to operate under measures imposed on other non-essential businesses that have been allowed to reopen.

“It is our hope that we can add some relief and activity in these most stressful times,” the Governor said. “So, if you have been displaced out of your home for some reason or you just want to spend the weekend away from your home, you can do that.”


Coral World Ocean Park, St. Thomas

Ecotourism. Coral World Ocean Park, St. Thomas

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Salt River Bay National Historic Park, St. Croix

Salt River Bay Eco Tour, Kayaking, St. Croix

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Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge, St. Croix

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Kelsey Grammer: The famed and multi-Emmy award-winning actor, known for playing Dr. Frasier Crane on Frasier, is actually from Charlotte Amalie in the USVI!

If you want to learn about the history of these little Caribbean gems, you can spend part of the day at the St. Thomas Historical Trust Museum. The staff members are passionate about preserving the history of the islands, and so chances are you can ask them just about any question and they’ll know the answer. With several display cases and gallery spaces highlighting the history of the protectorate, you are sure to learn something new.


With a couple of international airports located in the USVI, getting a flight to St. Thomas to a flight to St. Croix opens up a world of possibilities. Before you know it, you will be able to sink your toes in the sand.

If you’d rather explore the USVI by way of a cruise ship, plenty of cruises sail to St. Thomas or sail to St. Croix. In St. Thomas, you’ll be able to explore the capital, and port city, of Charlotte Amalie while in St. Croix you will get to lounge on the sunny shores and maybe even head into the rainforest.


Once you get to one of the islands, you will likely want to travel to the others. You’ll be able to catch a ride on the ferry that connects you to the different islands with ease. To explore the local islands, you’ll want to rent a car to best explore the islands.


Every Caribbean island is at a threat of powerful hurricanes or tropical storms. Luckily enough, groups like the American Red Cross of the U.S. Virgin Islands work to make sure that they have the tools and resources they need to get the community back on track.

The Nature Conservancy is one of the leading environmental nonprofits in the world. They work tirelessly to assure that the various environmental gems and natural habitats of the world have the protection they need and deserve. In the USVI, the Nature Conservancy is most focused on rehabilitating the coral and mangroves that have been damaged from recent hurricanes.

Capital: Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
Population: 107,000
Language: English
Currency: United States Dollar
Religion: Protestant, Roman Catholic
National Bird: Bananaquit
National Flower: Yellow Cedar
National Dish: Fungie: cornmeal, cooked to the consistency of polenta, with okra mixed in. Often served with saltfish.
Motto: “United in Pride and Hope”
The National Flag: The flag has a white background. In the middle is a golden eagle to symbolize the United States. The eagle is covered in a coat of arms that mimics the United States flag. In the eagle’s left talon is an olive branch, symbolizing peace. In the right talon are three arrows, one each for St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix. The letters “V” and “I” are on the left and right of the eagle, respectively.