Bonaire Windsurfers are the World Champions

The month of November was filled with great achievements from our local talents. Three local windsurfers; Amado Vrieswijk, Taty Frans and Youp Schmit have been representing Bonaire in Europe in different competitions.

All three competed in the SOMWR 10 x Marignane PWA Grand Slam, a ground-breaking multi-discipline event that brought the entire range of PWA athletes to the shores of Southern France. All three brought home amazing prices and were in the top 10:

🏆 Amado Vrieswijk: PWA World Tour Windsurfing World Champion Freestyle 2021
🏆 Youp Schmit: 5th place PWA World Tour & winner of the Tow-in Expression Session
🏆 Taty Frans: 9th place PWA World Tour Freestyle. 

Bonaire gave the world champions a warm welcome back home at the airport. We are really proud of their achievements and are looking forward to more big wins!


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