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Resort 1

Bequia Beach Hotel Luxury Resort & Spa, Bequia

Resort 2

Mandarin Oriental, Canouan

Resort 3

Young Island Resort

Resort 4

Keegan’s Beachside Hotel and Cottage

Entertainment : 

Bequia is the best spot to enjoy live-music performance. several bars and restaurants should shows when the season hits its peak.

-Cricket is also a source of entertainment for most inhabitants of St. Vincent. On weekends you will notice charged crowds cheering On the game. -Festivities also create an extra platform for entertaining the residents of St. Vincent. Vincy Mas, regattas, and Nine Mornings are among the popular events which are highly honored in the region.

Sports :

Cricket is the oldest and popular sport in the Caribbean. Most cricket matches games happen in the Arnos Vale Sports Complex situated at Arnos Vale. In the Capital, Kingstown, Victoria Park stadium is a Centre for several sports such as athletics and soccer. Other games that rock in St. Vincent include basketball, netball, cycling, and tennis. 'Vincy Heat' is the official title for its national soccer team.


Culture :

The lifestyle of the residents is informal and relaxed with some West Indian +English influence. Vincentians are fun-loving and laid-back people.


Lime and Dine:


Virtually everything you eat in St. Vincent & the Grenadines will have been grown or reared locally. The furthest many ingredients will travel is from a small farm on St. Vincent to a plate at a restaurant on the Grenadine islands. The fish will have been pulled out of the waters surrounding the island by a local fisherman and sold straight to the chef just a couple of hours before it is cooked. Be sure to sample the National Dish comprising fried Jackfish and roasted breadfruit; and wash it all down with a cool Hairoun Beer or a Sunset rum.


Attractions :


  1. Turtle Sanctuary located on Park Bay. It is dominated by beautiful green turtles. This sanctuary serves a center for knowledge to many visitors.
  2. Tobago Cay It is famously known as the 'Jewel in the Crown' which nests and serves as a feeding ground for sea turtles. Tobago Cay is also featured with mangroves and well-structured coral reefs.
  3. Botanic Garden It homes a good number of exotic and native plants plus breadfruit trees which originate from Captain Bligh.

Getting There

Once you decided to visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines Islands, you can take a flight and get in via any of the airlines. You may also board a Cruise to access the chain of islands in this region.

To penetrate the islands, you can use public means by either taking a Taxi or rent a car with a hired driver. Remember to keep left while driving.


Discovered in 1498, stayed under Spanish until 1627. In 1783 it was restored to Britain. Faced a number of disasters which include the first eruption of Soufriere volcano was recorded in 1812, floods in 1896, a hurricane in 1902 plus a second volcano eruption in 1902 which swept away 2000 inhabitants, a subsequent eruption happened in the 1970s.

After the world war II, all adults were granted the right to vote after facing restriction for very long. The right to vote initiated movement towards attainment of independence. Several proposals were presented around 1960s which led to adoption of some of grenadines islands by the UK by 1969, and this way the island became self-governing except on matters defense and foreign affairs.

Later, St. Vincent was granted the right to declare its freedom and it became fully independent in 1979. Since then, several political parties like the New Democratic Party (NDP) of 1992, the United Labor Party which won in 2001, and the Non-Aligned Movement of 2003. The later party steered the removal of St. Vincent from the blacklist of countries by enacting money laundering interventions.

Capital: Kingstown is the Capital of St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Population: Approximately 130,000

Religion: Anglican, Methodist, Catholic, Protestants

Language: English and French

Carnival: Carnival Monday is a day off for the public population. This holiday always falls in the month of July. Schools, businesses, and most institutions are closed

Currency: East Caribbean Dollar represented with the symbol EC$.

Side of Street Drive-On: In St. Vincent, the safe side of the street drive is LEFT. You have to be 21 years of age for you to rent a car and be 18 years to start driving one. Driving is hands-free, therefore no phones are allowed while on the road. Licence is a must, and the average speed in urban centres is 32KPH (Kilometres Per Hour).

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