Best of the Best Pink-Sand Beaches in the World

Let’s explore 5 of the best pink sand beaches in the world. Up there in the realms of unicorns, rainbow and all the magical things are pink sand beaches-pastel-hued eye-catcher which makes the water look bluer and white sand.

This makes everyone reach for their phones to take a snap. Let say crystal clear waters or pure white sand isn’t your ideal vacation; these pink sandy beaches will highly do the trick.

What are the pink sand beaches?

Pink sand beaches are the outcome of thousands of broken coral fragments, shells, and calcium carbonate, sea material left behind by foraminifera the tiny organisms with red and pink shells collect-which is magic!

Rare, unusual, and irrefutably striking-these destinations are an aesthetic dream one of the Mother Nature’s realities. And, because the pink hue is always lovely, here are the best pink sandy beaches in the world.